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July 11, 2011 / DMN


Dr. Susana O’Hara holds a Ph.D. from the University of Maryland and a license to practice Psychology from the state of Massachusetts. She has taught Psychology and Counseling courses at several colleges, supervised the clinical education of counseling interns and is a public speaker for selected audiences.

Since 1978, Dr. O’Hara has been in independent clinical practice. In reaction to the increasing divorce rate since the 1960’s as well as the harmful effects of many divorces, Dr. O’Hara wrote two books in which she offers advice on how people can avoid becoming divorced.

In “How to Marry Right and Avoid Divorce: Tips from Thirty-Three Years of Private Practice,” Dr. O’Hara offers specific, easy-to-understand advice for finding the right person to marry. She gives examples of how some people made good or poor choices in who they married. She also describes how she guided some therapy clients to overcome personal obstacles and find the right person to marry.

In “Love and Marriage for a Lifetime: Why It Is Important and How to Do It,” Dr. O’Hara focuses on the high divorce rate and new research showing the harmful effects of divorce on men, women and children. In this easy-to-read book, she describes how married people can work through their problems and strengthen their marriages. She also offers specific examples of how some of her therapy clients stayed successfully married, even though they were once headed for divorce court.

Besides the professional clinical experience of thirty-five years, Dr. O’Hara has personal experience with being married; she has been married to her husband Tom for thirty-seven years and is the proud mother of three young adults.